Vulcavo is the complete solution that digitizes and automates owners' meetings in such a way that 5 hours - PER meeting can be saved - from preparation to the finished protocol. Vulcavo has already made these advantages possible for over 100 property management companies, and this purely in presence, hybrid or online. This way, not only can employees be relieved, but also more properties can be managed more effectively.

Why Vulcavo?

Vulcavo is the complete solution to automate owners meetings and save 5 hours per meeting. The software relieves you and your employees by taking care of many manual steps completely automatically. Invitations, counting, result calculations as well as protocols and the entire follow-up happen at the push of a button, in seconds. Vulcavo is much more than just a voting tool. From importing your data, creating your meeting and agenda, managing participants and proxies to the finished protocol, Vulcavo supports you holistically in every step of your owners' meeting and saves valuable hours of work time. Not only a direct saving for you, but a real added value in times of shortage of skilled workers. Because only by digitizing manual work steps is it possible to retain and recruit employees. Because your employees need time for the really important tasks and want to be home on time in the evening. Over 1,000 successful meetings and over 300,000 votes on Vulcavo show: the concept works, and it works just as well purely in presence as it does hybrid and online. Digitize your processes and finally enjoy efficient and pleasant owners' meetings.

Vulcavo screenshots

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