Why facilioo?

Don't leave tenant and employee satisfaction to chance.

facilioo extends existing Aareon products for the housing industry and meets the needs of tenants, members and employees.

From functions such as transaction management and visualization of consumption to tenant communication, facilioo offers a wide range of practical solutions.

Daily routines reimagined

facilioo was designed to process requests faster, more transparently and more sustainably. For this purpose we have developed the following groundbreaking modules:

  • Requests can be viewed by all parties and are thus informed. You do not only work for yourself, but the tenant is shown everything transparently in real time
  • By assigning deadlines per concern, nothing can be forgotten. The evaluability is increased and potential for improvement is shown.
  • Documentation: all communication is collected in one place. Even if you receive letters by e-mail, an automatic assignment is made.
  • Integration of office365, Exchange or similar to include your existing IT infrastructure
  • By categorizing concerns, tasks can be defined to reflect your processes. A uniform schema guarantees an efficient workflow.

facilioo can communicate

Talk is silver, silence is gold - keep an open ear for the concerns of your tenants. We support you as follows:

  • Whether damage notification, master data changes or registration of a pet: receive all concerns digitally, no matter which way. We support app, email, chat, WhatsApp, digital answering machines and much more.
  • All relevant information in the pocket of your tenants: Documents, contracts, relevant news and provision of energy consumption (EED uVI).
  • Inform entire properties with one click. facilioo determines for you which is the most sustainable and cost-effective delivery channel (app notification, email, e-Post).
  • Process a thousand pages of PDF in one second: bulk processing takes care of splitting documents, such as utility bills.

Benefits of the Aareon integrations

facilioo offers an integrations that can be activated directly within the app:

  • Master data synchronization The integration enables the automated synchronisation of all master data for your properties, units, tenants and contracts from the ERP to facilioo. You can specify how often the synchronisation should run and if you want to synchronise all or only the main tenant.

Property management made easy

facilioo screenshots

Integrate all your apps around the ERP

Aareon Connect allows you to integrate your prospect management, CRM software, and more with your ERP.

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