Bots4You - Redefine your communication with our AI Chatbots & Voicebots: Your solution for efficient real estate management and excellent customer experiences.

Why Bots4You?

Bots4You is the leading software company for AI-supported communication, offering proprietary, data protection-compliant GPT technologies for the real estate industry. By utilizing our intuitive no-code platform, you can implement comprehensive AI and GPT solutions ('Made in Germany') for your internal and external communication - all without any programming skills. Our multilingual chatbots and voicebots can be individually adapted to your needs. Whether on the website, in the portal, as a telephone assistant, or for the internal support of your employees - each bot operates in strict compliance with all legal requirements and enables you to optimize your communication processes. Thanks to a bidirectional flow of information with your internal systems, our solutions are capable of achieving unique efficiency increases, enhancing the satisfaction of your customers and employees, and reducing your costs. Discover our tailor-made real estate solutions for a wide range of use cases, be it employee communication or external communication with tenants and prospects

Bots4You Voicebot (Telephonebot)
Bots4You Omnichannel Platform
B4Y-GPT Made in Germany

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