Digitale Unterschrift

Digitale Unterschrift

Sign documents digitally - thanks to the digital signature directly from the ERP system. Digital signatures digitise and automate signing processes.

Why Digitale Unterschrift?

The digital signature enables the fast and simple creation, sending and archiving of and archiving of documents requiring signatures without media discontinuity. It reduces paper consumption and environmental impact through CO2 savings. This speeds up processes such as document creation and processing, especially for important contracts. The digital signature enables the seamless integration of digital signatures into the corporate process. It not only reduces the time spent on administrative tasks tasks, but also increases sustainability and reduces costs by eliminating paper-based processes. paper-based processes. The digitalisation of signature processes makes the entire process more more transparent and efficient. From tenancy agreements to handover protocols to notices of termination a wide variety of documents can be signed electronically in compliance with the law. All in all, digital signatures enable accelerated, secure and sustainable document and sustainable document management, which meets the modern requirements of the housing and real estate industry.

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