365.immo automates all business processes in the real estate industry and accompanies you through your project phases: from property acquisition to sales and after-sales service.

Why 365.immo?

The web-based solution, built on the leading CRM system Microsoft Dynamics 365, offers a complete solution for the real estate industry and seamlessly integrates your ERP and financial accounting systems. 365.immo at a glance:

  • Central communication and document platform
  • Uniform data source for all project participants
  • Complete marketing solution
  • Mobile property acquisition
  • Immediately usable as a cloud solution
  • 100% DSGVO compliant
  • Intelligent analyses and evaluations

365.immo is structured in APP's. Each APP fulfils roles and can function independently. At the same time, the apps can interact and collaborate with each other to provide comprehensive and complex functionality.

Integrate all your apps around the ERP

Aareon Connect allows you to integrate your prospect management, CRM software, and more with your ERP.

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