From vacant apartments to signed lease agreements - all in one platform. This includes efficient property management, straightforward applicant verification and document handling, seamless communication with prospective tenants, and ultimately, the execution of legally sound digital lease agreements.

Why Mietz?

Mietz offers you a comprehensive solution for the entire rental process, starting with property management. With Mietz, you can effortlessly import and list available units to make them visible to potential tenants in the Mietz app. Our platform streamlines the applicant selection process with features such as sorting and filtering based on your criteria to ensure you find the perfect tenant for your property. Mietz provides a document management system that guarantees secure storage and compliance with legal regulations (e.g., retention periods). Communication between you and potential tenants is seamlessly facilitated by our platform. It simplifies real-time interactions, including the built-in scheduling of property viewings, responding to inquiries, and sharing essential information. One of the standout features of Mietz is the ability to legally and securely sign digital rental agreements (including your own contracts). This process takes only a few minutes and ensures a legally sound, digital rental agreement. In summary, Mietz offers an all-in-one platform designed to streamline and digitize the entire rental process, starting from listing properties to the legally compliant digital signing of rental agreements. Our features enhance your efficiency, security, and cost-effectiveness throughout the entire rental process.

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