Immosolve GmbH is the leading CRM system provider in the German housing industry. Since 2005 we have been providing housing companies, cooperatives and property management companies with highly configurable software solutions in the areas of prospect management and letting. Nationwide, more than 150 companies with more than 1.5 million residential units rely on Immosolve. As a subsidiary of Immowelt, we have the best portal experience and remain independent.

Why Immosolve?

For 25 years, our customers have been realizing significant efficiency gains by digitizing their rental processes with Immosolve. Workflows can be digital, automated, individual and, above all, time-saving. In this way, our customers achieve significant time savings by automating many rental processes, with an integrated 24/7 feedback option for prospective customers. In addition, Immosolve offers interfaces to all relevant real estate portals and to the customer's own website. Immosolve also helps, especially in rental markets, to broker properties in a targeted and effective manner. This ensures a qualified selection of applicants at an early stage. The prospect matching and qualification, the viewing planner and the integration of credit reports are just a small selection of our diverse functions. The individualized adaptation of Immosolve to the customer's process should be emphasized. And all GDPR-compliant!


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