EverReal is a professional B2B software for digital tenant change and sale. Our cloud-based, modular solution covers the entire process completely digitally, from marketing to prospect and applicant management to contract signing and apartment handover, saving you up to 80% time. Ideal for real estate companies with 25 or more transactions/year.

Why EverReal?

EverReal brings real estate companies into a new era. Thanks to our powerful software and comprehensive support, we automate and professionalize every single step of the tenant transition and sale process - from marketing to prospect and applicant management to contract signing and apartment handover. The result - up to 80% fewer routine tasks, three times faster real estate transactions and a modern positive experience that wins over tenants, buyers and owners alike. We don't want to make you IT experts, we want to make you happy users. That's why you can get started right away after the 60-minute introduction! The software guides you step by step through the respective work processes and the simple operation enables faster familiarization even for beginners. With the help of helpful automations, you minimize the error rate in routine tasks and create security. In addition, thanks to central access to all processes, you and your team are always ready to act and provide information - at any time and from any location. As a white label solution, we enable you to appear under your own brand, so that you are not only better positioned internally, but also present an excellent and contemporary image to the outside world.


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