Aareon CRM

With our CRM web portal and smartphone app, you can reduce your workload and increase the satisfaction of your tenants, members and owners.

Why Aareon CRM?

Offer your customers modern convenience by digitising your customer service - from the automatic creation of documents and invoices to the smooth handling of complaints and repair cases.

A brief overview of the functions:

Handover and moving in: New tenants and owners can receive their access data directly from you when they move in. Your customers can then receive all messages and contractually relevant documents via the portal - and you immediately save on personnel and material costs.

Documents and forms: You can upload all documents relating to the tenancy or ownership relationship in the document box. This creates a personalised electronic customer file online that is always up to date. Customers can download forms themselves, fill them out and send them back to you. Tenants can create their own tenant self-disclosure forms, saving you time-consuming routine tasks and the need to send them by post.

Damage reports: Any damage that has occurred can be reported by your customers around the clock and you have already taken over the complete recording of the damage. Processes are automatically created in the Aareon ERP systems, which are also automatically assigned to the responsible employees and thus processed as quickly as possible. The customers remain informed about the processing status at all times and can provide valuable information about potential for improvement at the end through the performance evaluation. All of this ensures a high level of transparency, fewer enquiries, consistent processing and short processing times.

Aareon CRM-Portal & App

Integrate all your apps around the ERP

Aareon Connect allows you to integrate your prospect management, CRM software, and more with your ERP.

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