etg24 is the online portal for property managers who are ready to optimise processes holistically and at the same time want to offer their customers modern and inspiring service. With the help of the cloud solution, which has already proven itself over many years in everyday management, it is possible to bring work processes into the digital age. Administration staff and customers only need a web browser or the mobile app to use etg24.

Why etg24?

With a wide range of functions, the easy-to-use, modern and intuitive software facilitates your everyday work and leads to more efficient and automated processes.

The centralisation of communication with service providers, owners and tenants in the online portal creates maximum structure and transparency. Property management customers can view information and documents around the clock in the data protection-compliant customer portal. For even more flexibility, the etg24 app is available to all users - whether managers, owners or tenants.

You can manage processes such as renovation work or damage in a digital file via the process and ticketing system. Also, you can maintain updates including photos and documents, include external service providers in conversations and process offers and orders automatically.

As a WEG administrator, you can cleverly manage the entire process around circular resolutions and owners' meetings in one central system. Starting with the preparation, the digital management of proxies, the implementation of the hybrid, online or face-to-face meeting up to the preparation of minutes and the collection of resolutions.

In addition, etg24 is the digital task and appointment management, with which you organise the daily work routine, create to-dos, create appointments and assign tasks to colleagues. To ensure that nothing is forgotten, a daily notification of upcoming tasks is integrated in the portal.

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