MRI Software

Enabling you to fully manage your housing register online and allocate properties.

Why MRI Software?

MRI Allocations enables local authorities and registered housing providers to manage housing registers online, advertise the right homes to those in need and allocate properties in accordance with your allocation policies. Empower your applicants to manage their applications online and have complete transparency of each step of the process, from initial application to allocation. Prioritise your properties effectively. Automatically band and assign points to your applicants in accordance with allocation policies, to ensure accurate matching and shortlisting. With MRI Allocations, you can automate manual processes and access unified reporting for actionable insights. Manage all allocation types in one system for a streamlined workflow, and leverage automated features to speed up the application process – for both applicant and officer.

Integrate all your apps around the ERP

Aareon Connect allows you to integrate your prospect management, CRM software, and more with your ERP.

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