Mareon is the service portal that has successfully connected real estate companies and craftsmen since 2001. Mareon automates the processing of orders and invoices for efficient processes.

Why Mareon?

Painting, electrical, tiling work and much more: The list of services to be provided as part of ongoing maintenance in buildings and objects is long. The administrative effort is correspondingly high – for real estate companies as well as for craftsmen. With digital processes, the Mareon service portal has been providing valuable support here for over 20 years and is constantly being further developed in a future-oriented manner. The advantages of Mareon are manifold: The service portal connects real estate companies and craftsmen as well as other service providers digitally with each other. Routine tasks within the framework of placing an order and the invoicing process are standardized and automated. This saves time and money on both sides - and is also sustainable, as paper consumption is reduced. Furthermore, Mareon increases the transparency and quality of the entire settlement process. It is therefore not surprising that the service portal had already broken the one million order mark just four years after its introduction. Today, more than two million apartments are managed with Mareon, several thousand craftsmen and service providers use the software and the total number of orders processed to date has climbed to over 35 million in 2022.

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