FIDENTIA - the solution for safety and maintenance management through - (electronic) organisation - control - documentation manages inspection and routine processes in residential and commercial properties.


The software solution, which was introduced back in 2009 and has been continuously developed, enables every property and building owner to properly fulfil the legal requirements for safety and maintenance. The system offers the option of exchanging data with many property management systems via the integrated interface. On the basis of the annually updated and legally certified EBKON specifications, which are based on the legal principles to be observed in the housing sector, including garage buildings, you can create your individual, internal company specifications. Users receive automatically generated digital checklists from the system for the obligations and objects assigned to them on their mobile inspection devices. The system even integrates the German Weather Service to control weather-dependent duties. Any defects identified are automatically sent by e-mail to the employees responsible for rectifying them. All inspections carried out and the rectification of defects are electronically documented in the system in a tamper-proof and legally compliant manner. Recorded data can be extensively filtered and analysed using the dashboard function.

FIDENTIA screenshots

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