iwb & IGISˢᶦˣ

iwb & IGISˢᶦˣ

IGISˢᶦˣ is the leading software solution for professional portfolio management from iwb Immobilienwirtschaftliche Beratung GmbH. IGISˢᶦˣ is the central information platform for technical, economic and energetic inventory data and thus the basis and tool for investment planning, portfolio management, decarbonization strategies and ESG/sustainability concepts. In addition, IGISˢᶦˣ can be used to efficiently handle task management in the area of legal duty to maintain safety and maintenance management.

Why iwb & IGISˢᶦˣ?

Because IGISˢᶦˣ has proven itself in the portfolio management of many companies in the real estate and housing industry and iwb is the long-standing, reliable partner and guarantor for this. Because IGISˢᶦˣ is constantly being developed further and in doing so we are oriented towards the challenges of our customers. Because we not only offer software solutions, but with 30 years of experience we also advise, support and accompany our customers in real estate and housing industry issues. Because we not only focus on our software solutions, but also on the processes in which they are used. Because our team combines the talents of construction and industrial engineers, real estate managers, architects, energy consultants, construction and building technicians, business economists and computer scientists.

Benefits of the Aareon integrations

Data exchange via standardized interfaces is a mandatory prerequisite for taking advantage of the opportunities offered by increasing digitalization and optimizing processes. Via Aareon Connect, we can exchange data to and from Aareon's various ERP systems. This saves our customers from having to maintain data twice. In the first step, we will jointly provide an interface for the building master data so that changes in the ERP system can also be synchronized in IGISˢᶦˣ. The next step is to create an interface for the inventory data, i.e. components, characteristics, states, features, etc. Further use cases, e.g. the exchange of data in activity management, are being planned.


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