Seamless Integration Between QL and Microsoft SharePoint

Why SharePoint?

This integration streamlines document management, ensuring files remain organised, current, and accessible in SharePoint.

It offers:

  • Automatic Folder Structure Creation: Automatically generates a basic folder structure in SharePoint, reflecting the QL system for straightforward setup.
  • Dynamic Updates: Folder structures in SharePoint adapt in sync with changes to the QL system, maintaining organisation and accessibility.
  • File Synchronisation: Manually transferring files is a thing of the past. Files created in QL are automatically saved and synchronised with SharePoint, keeping documents updated and accessible - including documents and letters.

Integration Benefits

Document Management: Synchronises QL files—applicants, contacts, complaints, and more—into SharePoint folders, simplifying access and archival. Collaboration: Centralises access to the latest documents in SharePoint, enhancing teamwork and productivity.

How It Works?

A SharePoint account is needed that is authenticated from within QL. Then the integration starts working.

Start now and contact your account manager for more details and a demo!

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