AktivBo Analytics

AktivBo Analytics

Increase profitability with customer-driven insights. AktivBo Analytics is a tenant survey and action platform tailored for the real estate industry enabling your organization to set the right priorities and make better decisions. Monitor your tenants’ experiences in real time, analyse and act on the right insights. With Analytics real estate companies get a full range of support from surveys and data collection to customer-driven improvements.

Why AktivBo Analytics?

Improve customer experience with a data driven analytics platform

  • Measure and monitor customer experience and feedback in real time
  • Tailored for the real estate industry
  • Adapted interface for different roles
  • Clear priorities and manageable insights

Simple overview for all employees

You can easily create your own overview and customise the interface for your role and area of responsibility. Results, benchmarking and action monitoring from group level to street address.

Customer journey mapping

AktivBo Analytics is optimized to measure and improve your customer journey. All of your company’s surveys are comparable in a single view. Search freely among all quantitative and qualitative questions for rapid insights.

Geographic benchmarking

Results and benchmarking for your properties on Google Maps. Compare areas and routes in digital map views for a clearer overview of your portfolio.

Analyze and act

With a customized workflow for both small and large real estate companies, it is easy to move from data into action. Link actions to specific questions to see which interventions drive the best results. The platform includes automatically suggested actions for your challenges based on best practice.

Benefits of the Aareon integrations

AktivBo offers an integrations that can be activated directly within the app:

Master data synchronization The integration enables the automated synchronisation of all master data for your properties, units and tenants. You can specify how often the synchronisation should run and if you want to synchronise all or only the main tenant.

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Integrate all your apps around the ERP

Aareon Connect allows you to integrate your prospect management, CRM software, and more with your ERP.

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